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Yayoi Magewappa Bento Box

Yayoi Magewappa Bento Box

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The Yayoi bento box is a large, two tier, magewappa bento box perfect for taking your lunch to the office, university or on a picnic. Whether you make a Japanese meal with rice and lots of side dishes, or you have your leftovers from last night’s supper, the Yayoi bento box will keep it fresh for lunch. And if you look after it, your magewappa bento box can last for decades.

These Bento Boxes are handmade in Odate, Akita prefecture by Ryobi-an, a studio that employs craftspeople who are certified in the traditional craft of magewappa.

Magewappa is a way of steam bending wood than has been designated one of Japans Traditional Crafts by the Association for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries. This labour-intensive process involves softening planks of Cedar (sugi) before forming them into round shapes and drying them. Magewappa is notable for the light colour of the wood, and the straight grain lines that can be seen around the bento boxes.

Magewappa is a great material for bento boxes. As well as being sustainable and plastic free the wood allows moisture to escape and enter, controlling humidity and making sure your food stays fresh. Even better cedar wood has bactericidal properties, making it a great choice for a bento box.

Dimensions: 175 mm x 90 mm x 110 mm

Capacity: 450 ml in the upper tier, 500 ml in the lower tier

Weight: 170g

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