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The Japanese tea ceremony has played a far-reaching role - in Japanese society and beyond - demonstrating the importance of an alternative way of seeing, a different way of understanding other people, as well as having the capacity to deliver a Zen-inspired space in which to relax and reflect. 

This combination of offering a space for reflection, and providing an example of alternative ways of approaching things, has made our Japanese tea ceremony workshops a remarkable success with business clients.

While being entertaining and unusual, they can also be relevant and thought-provoking, and support management programmes and initiatives. Suitable not just for Japanese and Asian corporate situations, but for all business environments that relish fresh perspectives. 

Over the last 5 years we have worked with a surprising range of business clients, achieving different ends and strategies. It’s a great way of communicating and having fun with your staff – and (if you want to arrange it) you get to actually make tea yourself, instead of just listening, so you get really engaged.  


Qualified Japanese Tea Master

Keiko Uchida

Keiko was born in Tokyo, Japan, and has lived in London since 2002.
She has been practicing the Japanese tea ceremony for over 25
years. She started practicing the tea ceremony as a way of
understanding traditional Japanese culture. Since then, studying and
practicing the tea ceremony has become a major part of her life’s
work, and her mission is to introduce the art of tea to global

What we offer

  • Lecture about History of matcha and Japanese tea ceremony and philosophy of Japanese tea ceremony.

  • Demonstration of Japanese tea ceremony with traditional equipment.

  • Lending out essential matcha making set (matcha, tea bowls, bamboo whisks, bamboo spoons and tea caddies)

  • Preparing goody bags for attendees.

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The largest event we’ve done was a corporate day for 5,000 people, involving the UK staff of a company who were finding out about various aspects of Asian culture. We’ve also worked with a major US consulting firm over several days, delivering hands-on seminars to different groups of consultants. 

On a different front, we were invited by a major Italian fashion house to help launch one of their new fragrances, and we took part in a special launch event of the Palme d’Or winning film ‘Shoplifters’. 

We have also worked with less regulated audiences, appearing in an open-air weekend culture festival in Berkshire, where crowds came to our workshop performances.

 Do let us know if you like an initial discussion about a business or corporate opportunity. 

 We are always keen to discuss how the Japanese tea ceremony workshop can play a positive role in business development and would be delighted share some thoughts. 

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