• “We invited Keiko to host an intimate tea ceremony for our general manger group, and I must say, it was an incredibly refreshing and thought provoking experience. Keiko’s gestures and approach to preparing tea is mesmerising, moreover, the wisdom she imparted regarding the history of tea, and tea ceremonies, was both fascinating and illuminating. We will be inviting Keiko back to Aesop again in the future, so that more of our colleagues may bear witness to her unique and inspiring practice. “

    Gabriel Santos, Aesop

  • “Keiko graciously hosted a tea tasting as part of a global team building experience. Her knowledge of tea and the ceremony itself were first rate, and proved to be an excellent way to immerse ourselves in another culture at a time when we were unable to travel. Thank you Keiko!”

    Keith Bussey, Knowledge Business Director, Boston Consulting Group

  • “In the context of a press event Keiko took a group of lifestyle and fashion editors from Germany, The Netherlands and the UK on an authentic trip to Japan deepening their understanding for Japanese Tea Culture. She not only convinced with her solid knowledge and her fine - almost art like skills, but also proved to have empathy for the questions of the over 20 editors.

    Keiko created a space of calmness and education for us which we highly appreciated and we would for sure recommend her sessions.”

    Vivien Chanda, Benjamin Schiffer, BAM Berlin

  • “Keiko's bespoke workshops for us at Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft were fantastic- an ideal mix of education on the history of the Japanese tea ceremony and tea and an experience of the ceremony itself. Keiko worked brilliantly with the space we had despite the challenges of it as a tea ceremony space. We had lots of positive feedback from the workshop participants. She was a delight to collaborate with.”

    Charlotte Hailey-Watts, Learning and Public Programme Manager, Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft

  • “Inviting Keiko Uchida to respond to the Serpentine Pavilion 2022_ Black Chapel, designed by acclaimed artist Theaster Gates was a pleasure. Conceived as a space for reflection, convening and contemplation, Keiko was the epitome of the Black Chapel’s ethos as she hosted a Japanese Tea Ceremony for an audience of 50.

    Each movement was measured, meticulous and graceful. Audience feedback commented on the precision and focus of each action; it was magical to watch a master enact a Japanese Tea Ceremony. Thank you for a beautiful illustration of tradition and an unforgettable experience for all who attended.

    Keiko_ you created tranquillity in the Serpentine Pavilion! It was an honour to work with you.”

    Bianca Ama Manu, Serpentine Galleries

  • "From the moment I reached out enquiring Keiko about holding an online Japanese Tea Ceremony workshop for the Spotify Asian Engagement group I knew the event would be handled smoothly by the team. Keiko story-telling the history of tea and demonstration was really engaging; everyone had a higher appreciation for the effort that goes into the art of tea making. The atmosphere was very relaxed, and everyone felt comfortable asking questions as we made the tea together. It was a very memorable group experience for everyone."

    Winsome Yuen, Spotify

  • "I wanted to host a very intimate team event centered around the theme of craftsmanship and with a focus on Japan, as we were working on a very special project in Kyoto. I then came across Keiko Uchida, and I was very curious about the services she was offering. Firstly, Keiko is very patient, and what I appreciated the most is that she was able to adapt the event to very specific requirements. She also took the time to call me to explain the offerings in detail, even though the event was not yet confirmed on our end. The event that was organized exceeded our expectations, and the special touches offered during the event were highly appreciated. We learned more about the tea ceremony, witnessed Keiko masterfully performing the tea ceremony, and had the opportunity to practice the tea ceremony with the team. During the session, we also discovered some homemade Japanese sweets that were simply incredible. An event blending culture, craft, and the senses. Highly recommended. "

    Camelia, fragrance industry

  • "We feel very blessed that Keiko came to our home to host the Japanese tea ceremony. The occasion was my son's 18th birthday and the guests ranged from a 9 month old baby to his 99 year old great grandmother. Keiko judged the audience just right so that we were all engaged and interested with a nice blend of information and tasting. As well as the tea we tried various Japanese sweets which were very different to Western sweets and provoked strong reactions.

    She also asked my son to play the part of the host which he greatly enjoyed. All in all an interesting afternoon during which we learnt about the history of the Japanese tea tasting ceremony as well as partaking in it."

    Shefalika Muhta, Harrow, London

  • “February 2020. Keiko performed a beautiful tea ceremony for my husband and I. We had been fortunate to have visited Japan, though had not been able to attend a ceremony there. We really felt we experienced the true essence of the ceremony with Keiko. Keiko also guided us to perform the ceremony ourselves, which was both fun and profound. I will be returning when possible, as I'd like to share this special occasion with my family and friends.”

    Annabel Bradbury, Richmond, London