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Shoin no Mukashi

Shoin no Mukashi

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Shoin no Mukashi

One of the highest grades of matcha produced by Ippodo. At first the experience of drinking this offers you a mild elegant flavour, with the aftertaste providing you with some umami and sweetness. We recommend having this tea with hot water only. This tea is recommended for tea lovers as a beautiful treat! Also, it’s a great gift for serious tea lovers.


 20g Net.


About the Tea Maker


Ippodo is another venerable company - one of the most respected tea merchants / makers in Japan - and has been producing green and matcha tea in Kyoto since 1717. They now have luxury teahouses across Japan and in New York. They don’t just sell top quality tea, but are very active in communicating narratives and ideas about tea culture and tastes around the world.

How to Make

Usucha (Thin Matcha):

We recommend you use not quite boiling water, around 80°C works well.If you are using a chashaku (a Japanese bamboo teaspoon) we recommend 2 scoops, or 1 scoop from an ordinary teaspoon (approx. 1.5g)

1. Add 2 scoops of matcha powder to your tea bowl or cup.

2. Pour around 70ml of not quite boiling water into the tea bowl.

3. Whisk the matcha with a chasen (Japanese bamboo whisk) or a small whisk, for about 15 seconds until smooth and slightly foamy.

How to Store

We recommend storing your matcha in the refrigerator once opened. For the best flavour and colour, we recommend finishing the tin within 8 weeks of opening.

About the Best Before Date

Our best before dates follow the Japanese system (YY/MM/DD). You can find the best before date on the bottom of the tin.

Our tea is produced by some of the most prestigious tea makers in Japan. As they take great pride in their Matcha, they give it a six month best before date once ground.

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About Our Tea

We're working with top grade of tea comapnies in Japan. Find out more why they are so special and what matcha tea would be perfect for you.

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