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Matcha To-Go Packets

Matcha To-Go Packets

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Ippodo has been producing tea and tea in Kyoto since 1717 and is one of the most respected tea makers in Japan. They have teahouses across Japan as well as in New York. They not only sell top quality tea, but are also very active in communicating great stories and flavours of tea and tea culture around the world.

These convenient single serving matcha packets are an easy way to enjoy delicious matcha on-the-go. The matcha in these packets that has a medium-rich character, balanced umami and astringency, and a bright aroma.

Enjoy this versatile matcha shaken with ice water, or whisked in a bowl or mug. In a matcha latte, this matcha’s balance of sweetness and light astringency pairs wonderfully with milk.

We recommend these sachets for matcha lovers who are travelling, as they can be prepared without a chasen whisk!


Net 20g (10 x 2g)

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About the Best Before Date

Our best before dates follow the Japanese system (YY/MM/DD). You can find the best before date on the bottom of the tin.

Our tea is produced by some of the most prestigious tea makers in Japan. As they take great pride in their Matcha, they give it a six month best before date once ground.

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We're working with top grade of tea comapnies in Japan. Find out more why they are so special and what matcha tea would be perfect for you.

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