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Hand Thrown Red Kyusu (Tea Pot) from Tokoname - Hokuryu

Hand Thrown Red Kyusu (Tea Pot) from Tokoname - Hokuryu

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This hand-thrown Kyusu was made in Tokoname, Aichi prefecture by Umehara Harutaka, who established the Gyokuryu Toen in 1975. The makers mark is stamped below the handle.

Made from iron-rich, shudei clay, this kyusu is a wonderful example of the superb craftsmenship of tokoname-yaki. The large diameter of the pot allows water to evenly penetrate the tea leaves, and gives lots of room for the flavour to be extracted, making it ideal for use with higher grade teas such as gyokuro. The ceramesh filter easily strains the tea leaves, allowing the pot to be completely emptied of tea.

 The high iron content of the clay reacts with tannins in the tea, removing bitterness, allowing the sweet and umami flavours to shine. As it is unglazed, with continuous use this kyusu will become more lustrous, and make even more delicious tea with continued use.

It's perfect for tea for two (or a large cup for one!).


About the Brand

Tokoname Kyusu are teapots that represent Japan and have a long history and tradition dating back to the Edo period. Tokoname teapots are made from soil that contains a lot of iron oxide, when used the teapot reacts with tannins in the tea, removing bitterness and making it mellow and delicious. The teapot becomes more lustrous the more it is used, and the more it is used, the more it changes in flavour. Enjoy a delicious cup of tea in a Tokoname teapot made from Aichi Tokoname ware.

Care Information

How to care for your kyusu:
- After use throw out the tea leaves and thoroughly rinse the pot under running water.
- Do not use soap
- You can gently rub the strainer with a soft brush or cloth to dislodge any stuck tea leaves, however be careful not to apply to much pressure as the strainer may crack or come off.
- Make sure it is completely dry before storing it. 

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