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Marukyu Koyamaen

Genmaicha - Takachiho (Green Tea with Roasted Rice)

Genmaicha - Takachiho (Green Tea with Roasted Rice)

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Our genmaicha is a blend of premium roasted brown rice and kabusecha green tea, that has both smokey and fresh flavours. The unique combination of roasted rice and green tea leaves is soothing – perfect for the end of the day. Kabusecha tea has been shaded during the growing process (similar to matcha!) and so the tea is sweet and umami. Takachiho is the highest grade of Genmaicha made by Koyama-en.

We sell genmaicha loose – we prefer loose teas as they are environmentally friendly, and the tea leaves and brown rice can swim freely in the pot, for maximum flavour and fragrance. You can taste the smokey flavour with a hint of bitterness, whilst still enjoying the elegant flavour of green tea.

This is a perfect gift for the green tea lover looking to try something new, or maybe you’ll want to keep it for yourself!


100g Net

About the Tea Maker

Marukyu Koyamaen

Marukyu Koyamaen is one of the most prestigious tea makers in Japan, having been producing matcha tea since 1704.  Having developed the original production system, they now use a combination of modern and traditional processes to maintain as many historic elements as possible. They don’t grind matcha tea manually anymore, but they do use traditional stones. Supplying top tea ceremony schools, high ranking shrines and temples, and top hotels, they’ve won numerous tea competition awards.

How to Make Perfect Tea

Genmai Cha

  1. Put the tea leaves in a pot. For 3 servings use 2 table spoons of tea (about 7~9 g). For 5 servings use 2 full table spoons of tea (about 11~13 g). Adjust to taste.
  2. Fill up a tea cup to 80% with hot water into 3 small cups for Sencha (about 60ml each) and let it cool down to a temperature of 70℃~75℃. A lower temperature will produce a milder and rounder taste, while higher temperatures will make the tea taste more sharp. If you enjoy sharp tasting teas, a temperature of 85℃~90℃ is suitable.
  3. Fill up the water back into the pot from the 3 cups and wait for one minute. When a higher temperature is desired, just wait for 30 seconds.
  4. Fill up the tea evenly into the 3 cups to obtain the same taste and concentration. Do not leave any tea in the pot, but fill up all out to the last drop.
  5. For a second infusion, use water of a little higher temperature than for the first and let the tea draw for only 10 seconds before filling up it into the cups.
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