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Japanese Tea ceremony workshop

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Japanese tea master Keiko Uchida has been practicing the Japanese tea ceremony for 25 years. She is always keen to open her West London studio to share her knowledge and experience of the tea ceremony, of matcha tea, and the whole world of Japanese culture for individuals as well as for groups.

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Japanese Matcha Tea / Tea utensils / BOok / Tea set / Gift ticket

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Keiko carefully selects the best matcha tea from two tea houses from Kyoto, Japan. Our tea houses, Marukyu Koyamaen and Ippodo have been producing matcha & green tea for over a hundred years.

She also handpicks high-quality utensils for making a better cup of matcha tea, also a matcha set for beginners - it is also great present for tea lovers.

  • Our Tea

    We import the very best teas from some of Japan's most prestigious and well respected tea makers. Based in Kyoto, Japan's cultural capital, each has over 300 years of experience and history.

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  • The Workshop

    A qualified tea ceremony master, Keiko run a Japanese Tea Ceremony to intoruce the art of tea.

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  • Corporate / Business Events

    Over the past 5 years Keiko has run workshops for many corporate and private clients, from large consulting groups to intimate birthday parties. For occasions big or small, we'd . love to hear from you!

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