Matcha lover's tea ceremony gift set

Matcha lover's tea ceremony gift set

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It is a perfect gift for matcha lovers! Top quality matcha tea from Koyamaen Kyoto, bamboo whisk, bamboo tea spoon in the kimono bag.

When you are invited the tea ceremony party, you wear kimono and will take a particular bag. Our kimono bag are designed for that!

It is an authentic luxury gift set for elegant ladies!

You can choose the colour of bag from 4 colours as well as type of matcha tea. All our matcha tea are produced by Koyama-en in Kyoto. Koyama-en is one of the most presages tea maker in Japan, they have been producing matcha tea since 17th Century. We are importing these tea from Kyoto directly.

Kinrin matcha tea: One of the finest matcha tea you can have in the UK now. Cultivating only tip of tea leaves to enjoy natural sweetness and fresh aroma. Very elegant texture and taste.

Kitsho matcha tea: Milder and gentle texture, suitable for matcha lover’s daily use. Our best seller matcha tea.

Aoarashi matcha tea: Sharper and slightly bitter texture of tea. Suitable for someone, who likes spicy food and strong taste.


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