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Keiko Uchida

Tokoname Yuzamashi - Red Water Cooling Pot

Tokoname Yuzamashi - Red Water Cooling Pot

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A Tokoname Yuzamashi in the traditional red. The colour is not from a glaze, but as a result of the iron-rich, deep red clay for which the Tokoname region is renowned. 

Yuzamashi (or water cooling pots) are used to cool water to the correct temperature for tea. By pouring the hot water into the yuzamashi, you can be sure not to scald the tea leaves when you pour the water into the teapot. 

We think that these yuzamashi are perfect for making matcha! Simply whisk the matcha in the yuzamashi then pour into your favourite cup, or into milk for a matcha latte! This yuzamashi holds 350ml.

This yuzamashi was made in Aichi prefecture, Japan.

About the Brand

Tokoname Kyusu are teapots that represent Japan and have a long history and tradition dating back to the Edo period. Tokoname teapots are made from soil that contains a lot of iron oxide, when used the teapot reacts with tannins in the tea, removing bitterness and making it mellow and delicious. The teapot becomes more lustrous the more it is used, and the more it is used, the more it changes in flavour. Enjoy a delicious cup of tea in a Tokoname teapot made from Aichi Tokoname ware.

Care Information

Rinse thoroughly under running water.

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