The Art of tea

The tea ceremony is a comprehensive art. It means not only drinking a cup of matcha tea, but is also a spiritual experience. In Japan the tea ceremony was a development of a Zen ritual. As such it includes gardening, interior decoration, calligraphy, costume, arranging flowers, ceramics, food and tea, fragrances and textiles. 

Matcha tea can be enjoyed with or without the tea ceremony.  However, it adds enormously to the enjoyment to be aware of the meanings attached to the ceremony and its experiences. It has been used for centuries to enhance the mind, to produce calm, peace and wellbeing, as well as boosting energy levels.


Keiko Uchida has been practicing the Japanese tea ceremony for 25 years. She is always keen to open her West London studio to share her knowledge and experience of the tea ceremony, of matcha tea, and the whole world of Japanese culture. Do please get in touch to find out more.